Many might recall lunchtimes of their youth spent flailing around in a McDonald’s playpit, submerged neck deep in colored plastic balls that were most certainly sanitized with regularity.

As kids of that era now are grown up with young ones of their own, McDonalds has revamped the playground concept with a pilot project it calls The Happy Table – an NFC technology-enabled table that lets children use a mobile device to play games using the table as a virtual, interactive map of sorts.

Check out the video below to see The Happy Table in action – seriously, it’s kind of cool! Though we recommend you start at 00:30 if you have a low tolerance for feigned cuteness.

The Happy Table is currently only available in Yishun, Singapore. While the project will be removed soon, McDonalds states that it intends to launch The Happy Table throughout the region eventually.

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Top image credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images