There was a time before smartphones, tablets and handheld gaming consoles. A time when all anyone did was read the labels of the nearest shampoo, conditioner or shower gel bottle while sitting on the toilet, simply because there was nothing better to look at.

Then came Super Mario Bros. Twitter. Pocket. Tumblr. Facebook. Basically anything else that requires a fairly low attention span.

But you know what? I miss reading all of those crazy labels and discovering what actually goes into a suspiciously cut price bottle of ‘seductively straight’ strawberry shampoo. It certainly wasn’t strawberries, I can tell you that.

Fear not! Backlabel is here to save the day. This handy little site randomly generates the backside of a near infinite number of products and bottles, so you’ll never grow tired of reading pointless labels while on the potty.

Why would you want to play Angry Birds when you can discover what’s in some extremely hazardous kitchen cleaner?


Image Credit: William Thomas Cain/Getty Images