Parkour is a stunning pursuit to watch from afar, but have you ever wondered what it’s like to leap between buildings, vault huge walls and shimmy across the narrowest of ledges?

A new video spotted by Thing Du Jour and shot in Cambridge, England from the point-of-view of James Kingston does just that. The footage is simply breathtaking, detailing huge drops and death-defying leaps that would make even the bravest of athletes weak in the knees.

Our first reaction was that some of this footage is reminiscent of Mirror’s Edge, the futuristic free running game developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Apparently we’re not alone, as the video description explains on YouTube: “It might have been deliberate! All I can say is if you work at EA/DICE, get in touch.”

Kingston is clearly an accomplished free runner, combining multiple moves and transitions with the same flow, balance and consistency that makes the sport so beautiful to watch. It’s also yet another use case for Google Glass, although we’re not sure we’d be confident wearing a pair while jumping across rooftops.

So sit back and enjoy. Our preferred sequence is from the indoor construction site, but sound off in the comments section below with your own personal favorites.