Provided you haven’t yet chewed through the physical books, last weekend’s Game of Thrones episode likely was a bit of a shock. Don’t worry: It was every bit as confusing and surprising in the text, with the chief difference being the Frey’s were a bit more dodgy to kick the scene off.

Bread and salt. It was supposed to mean something.

Whatever the case, you are probably counting down until the season finale lands next weekend, and so to keep you in the mood – and promote the heck out of its own service – Rdio has snagged and published the current Game of Thrones soundtrack.

Digging through the content is fun, given the diversity of tunes and, well, the fact that it’s Game of Thrones. You can listen to snippets of the music here if you just want a taste, or, if you area a Rdio user, can listen to the full tracks here.

If you haven’t listened to a soundtrack of this sort before, and are worried about it perhaps being too nerdy for you, disregard such twinges. From the Lord of the Rings to 8 Mile, soundtracks have long been a great way for a world that you enjoy on film to better imbue itself into your daily life.

And who doesn’t love the Game of Thrones theme song.

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Top Image Credit: HBO