Apps are huge and everyone knows it — Apple alone is about to pass 50 billion app downloads. Unfortunately, there’s a flaw in the “app for everything” ideology: now every single website these days wants to be an app.

This is a bad because…

  1. Not everything needs to be an app
  2. If every site has an app, app stores will just end up like worse versions of the Internet (poor discovery, gatekeepers, etc.)
  3. Apps are high-friction (require more bandwidth, passwords, etc)

Yes, apps can be unnecessary, but I should just stop complaining and use my phone’s browser, right? Well, a Tumblr blog created by Terence Eden sums up the frustration of many: I Don’t Want Your F*****g App highlights how annoying it is to be pushed, prodded and sometimes forced to download a native app when a perfectly good mobile-optimized site would do just fine.


Check it out via the link below and bask in the shared frustration of many.

I Don’t Want Your F*****g App

Image credit: Thinkstock / Creatas Images