As it is Saturday, I hope you are not working. That in mind, I have a small treat for you: GeoGuessr. It is a simple, fun, maddening, and re-playable game that will have you swooping across the planet, guessing where you land.

It’s a simple juego: GeoGuessr will show you a location in Google Street View, and you have to guess on a map where it is. One pin, onto a global map. The closer you land the pin, the more points you receive. In early testing – ahem – I was bested by TNW’s own Matthew Panzarino by a two to one margin. If you can pick up over 10,000 points in your first round, you are smarter than me.

Here’s what the game looks like in action:


As you can see, I am terrible at locating what was certainly a Southern US landscape. One caveat: On the occasion, GeoGuessr will get a location wrong, so don’t take it perfectly seriously. Still, if you need to get in a bit of travelling but lack the time, this little game will get you around the planet.

Post your score in the comments.

➤ GeoGuessr

Top Image Credit: Kenneth Lu