Videos games have enjoyed steadily improving graphical effects as computers, and programming languages, have improved and matured. While the world is currently fixated on the coming crop of console devices that will sit, plugged into televisions for the next 5 years, Nvidia is pushing PC technology forward.

A video clip demonstrating facial rendering software caught our eye this morning. In the demo, a GeForce GTX Titan graphics card is employed to display an interactive face in detail that is all but incredible. Catch: the GTC Titan will set you back a flat grand, if you can find one in stock, which isn’t easy.

This is the future, shown now. Gaming is moving in this direction. As the GTX Titan’s specs reach more consumer-friendly prices in the coming few years, what is shown off below will be open to all. Get excited [Jump to the 8:43 mark to see the demo]:

Top Image Credit: Sam Howzit