Here’s a great example of how mobile and creative thinking can come together to create an original and compelling marketing campaign.

The video below — recently dug up by MIC Gadget — explains the Coca-Cola ‘Chock Chok’ campaign in Hong Kong which was seen by 9 million people and got 380,000 app downloads in its first month. It ran in 2011, but it is so innovative and indicative of the potential of mobile that it is worth repeating.

Coca-Cola’s past ad campaigns in the country have included impressive artwork from Jonathan Mak, the young design student from Hong Kong who famously designed a unique Apple logo in tribute to Steve Jobs after the former Apple CEO passed away in 2011.

coke1This, of course, is the design that brought him global attention:


Headline image via DeusXFlorida / Flickr, Coke design and Steve Jobs silhouette images via Jonathan Mak