Helmet cams have opened up a whole new video perspective for us, sometimes giving us glimpses into some of the most awesome, and terrifying, moments of extreme sports. Mountaineer Mark Roberts captured an intense fall down the Parsley Fern Lefthand Gully in Wales on his helmet cam last month and has shared it with The British Mountaineering Council.

Parsley Fern slide from team_BMC on Vimeo.

If you’re like me and have a dozen questions about what happened here, you can head over to The BMC website to get the full background on the incident. The short of it is that Roberts was rescued within 30 minutes of his fall. He suffered a few bruises and breaks, but thankfully, he looks to be making a full recovery.

Elfyn Jones, BMC & Conservation Officer for Wales and a member of the rescue team, had this to say of the experience:

I think the key message here is that accidents do happen, but that Mark was well equipped, wearing a helmet, and that probably saved his life.

Image credit: Jupiterimages