Good Thursday Super Troopers, today is a right corker. Valentine’s Day either matters to you or not, there is no middle ground. If you intend on cleaning your apartment and doing monthly financial work like your humble servant, the day isn’t exactly something top on your mind.

But forget that, those of us not big on chocolate, and in the mindset that eating out beyond our means should be a weekly experience and not something to be enjoyed per annum, can still have our fun. Enter Twitamore. Yes, a holiday-themed Twitter service that tells you who you love the most among the tweets.

All that and no one can get pregnant. Ferk you too, Ikea. Here’s my apparent Twitter crush:


This makes sense as I had a lovely chat with that dude yesterday. The algorithm here is likely something scrapped from the crud around someone’s non-bubble filled bathtub. But who cares.

Admit you are curious: Hit up the app here, and the tell your special no one on Twitter that you are buying champagne and some sort of stuffed animal on your way over.

Top Image Credit: Emran Kassim