Ladies and gentlemen, the future has arrived: Introducing the Automee S, a strangely cute, little device that cleans your iPad and iPhone’s screen like a miniature Roomba would.

Yes, of course, you could just wipe the screen clean yourself, but that involves zero robots.

See the Automee S for yourself via the video below, as highlighted by Core77. We’re not sure where the device will be made available, but it looks like it will launch next month.

Given that the Automee S appears to retail for just 1575 Yen (or just under $17 USD), I’m almost compelled to purchase one for myself. Almost.

The Automee S specifically targets iDevices, but we’re guessing that any even, glass-like surface will suffice. Funny enough, the device takes a full four minutes to clean an iPhone and eight to clean an iPad.


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