If you’re a startup and a fan of old school gaming, you might enjoy a couple of productivity-killing rounds playing Startups from Hell.

It’s a browser game created by Studio Melipone, a French development studio which specializes in Ruby on Rails. The pixellated platform game pits players against monsters, zombies and bank managers on a quest to launch a startup company.

The studio describes it thus:

You wake up trembling after another dream about your BIG idea. But this time the Startup Fairy told you that you WILL succeed if you manage to get your project up and running within 3 months.

Sound familiar? With undead foes and tricky financial managers, it’s all clearly based on the facts of getting a startup off the ground.

Startups from Hell is beautifully presented and anyone who spent years playing 16-bit games will doubtless feel a pang of nostalgic delight. Players don’t die but they do run out of time. They need to complete tasks and challenges offered by other characters in the game and look after their health with a steady diet of pizza and coffee.

Even startups need a break from time to time and so this might provide a few minutes distraction at the end of trying to hone that business plan and find the right Angels to bankroll your ideas.

Check it out here – Startups From Hell – and don’t forget to return to running your company IRL too.