I have to admit that I’ve been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the idea of social search. I just don’t know that, outside of my group of close friends, I trust other people in my social graph to make good decisions. But a study from Roamz brings about some interesting data points that we thought would be fun to share on a Friday.

Not surprisingly, the top searches are for activities that anyone in their right mind would consider to be social. Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and the like all ranked high. Though people appear to be less interested in their friends’ opinion on a good beer…

We also seem to be undecided on pizza, sushi and burgers, but the appearance of cake and schnitzel is a bit surprising. Perhaps a bit less surprising, Italian food leads the search results, followed by Indian and Mexican.

You can follow along with the data points here, and grab Roamz if it suits your fancy. Click through for the full size.

Image Credit: Thinkstock