Apple has just posted its Introducing iPhone 5 video on its YouTube channel, letting you watch it directly rather than on Apple’s site. If you haven’t seen it already, it’s worth a watch. There are a host of interesting details about the way that the iPhone 5 was designed and engineered, right from Apple’s industrial design chief Jony Ive and former head of hardware engineering Bob Mansfield.

They talk about how much thinner the iPhone 5 is when compared to the iPhone 4S:

Mansfield gets hot on the new sapphire crystal lens cover:

Forstall even makes a cameo to talk about the new panoramic feature in iOS 6:

And then there’s the way that they chamfer, diamond polish and texture the edge bits:

And then there are these glass inlays for the back of the phone, which are compared using a 28MP camera to find the perfect fit for each metal chassis:

The iPhone 5 had been dubbed disappointing and the best iPhone yet all within hours of its announcement. Whatever your opinion, though, it’s an impressive bit of design and engineering.

As a bonus, here’s how Apple designed their new EarPods: