It’s harsh, it’s mean, but it’s just so funny.

4Chan, a twisted community known for this kinda thing, took the time to rig a competition to have “Taylor Swift sing on your Campus.” The campus? Horace Mann School for the DEAF.

Oh 4Chan…

Anyhow. To get involved yourself: visit the site, login with Facebook, ‘Like’ Taylor Swift on the right, search for
‘Horace Mann School for the Deaf’, Click it. (1 Vote). Then ‘Like’ the 5 sponsors below for 5 more votes.

To be fair, Taylor Swift singing with sign language might not be all that bad. (Via Reddit).

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Screen Shot 2012 08 30 at 1.12.07 PM 520x380 4Chan rigs Taylor Swift Sing on Your Campus contest which could see her performing at a DEAF school.