Elon Musk has done so many things in his career that may have seemed impossible at first. He co-founded PayPal, now the largest online payment system ever, Tesla Motors, the maker of two stylish and sporty electric cars and — most unbelievably — started SpaceX, a full-on consumer space travel company.

That’s why we find it hard to doubt him when he says that he wants human families to be able to travel to Mars by 2025, and he wants it to cost less than $500,000.

In an interview with ABC, Musk asks “can we make a trip to Mars affordable for a person in the United States?”

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“I know it is possible,” says Musk.

Sure, we just landed a robot rover on Mars with a skycrane, which is amazing all on its own. But Musk wants humans there, and he wants it cheap. I, for one, am saving my pennies.