You work and toil, sweat and worry to get your startup off the ground. You wonder if Chad Hurley, Niklas ZennStröm, Sir Tim Berners-Lee or Joanna Shields have it any easier.

In front of a panel of kids who look about eight, the answer is no.

“What’s your name?”
“I’m Tim Berners-Lee”
“What do you think you bring to the table?”
“I invented the World Wide Web”
“Anything else?”

Check out the video for more cheeky monkeys sticking it to tech stars. The clip promotes Code Club, an initiative to create clubs for children to learn how to code across the UK.

Just wait until they’re 18 and pitching in accelerators themselves!

Code Club still needs volunteers and funding, so if you’re amused by this tricky panel of terrors, you might be able to help them become the next leaders in tech.

Code Club

Image Credit: Clara Don