Data is an amazing thing, and as you know, we’re making more of it than ever before. The idea of ‘big data’ has gone from buzzword to reality, as cloud solutions to handling massive quantities of information have become more than the norm, they are now the lifeblood of the Internet.

However, the scale at which information is being created is hard to understand. According to Autonomy, every minute is exceptionally busy, with “98,000 new Tweets, 23,148 apps downloaded, 400,710 ad requests and [a total of] 208,333 minutes of Angry Birds played.” That’s far more Angry Birds than I am comfortable with, as it implies that there are more than 200,000 players on that game every minute of every day.

Still, approve or not, this is our reality. The infographic below is a very fun trip into big data, and one that we think is worth examining. Dig in, and then ask yourself how the modern Web would work without Amazon AWS. It’s almost hard to imagine.