For the past few weeks, the creative team at Blue Hive in London has been working with the US based company Zebra Imaging to make Holographic Prints that don’t require any silly 3D glasses and they’re not using the fake Peppers Ghost technique we saw for the recent Tupac hologram at Coachella!

The results are pretty incredible. The 1,000 holographic prints, each valued at approximately $300, feature the upcoming Ford B-MAX. While Blue Hive has partnered with influence ranking system Peer Index to give away 950 of them via Peer Perks, the guys were nice enough to give us a couple to give away to 2 lucky readers.

You can rotate the hologram, see all sides of the vehicle, peer in the doors, see through the glass, see the stitching on the seats and even the red buckles on the seat belts – awesome!

Check out a video of the hologram in action and enter for a chance to win one at the link below.

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