When you think of IKEA, you probably picture a giant blue and yellow warehouse with lots of furniture, accessories and cheap food. The company is one of the biggest retailers in the world, but its new advertising campaign has seen it focus on becoming as small as possible.

Recognising that as the world’s population rises, living spaces are becoming limited, the Swedish company designed and built an entire IKEA store that is housed in a 300 x 250 pixel web banner.

The banner has then been placed on property and community websites, targeting owners of studio flats and one/two bedroom apartments, allowing them to browse by department, choose and buy any of the 2,800 products that it displays.

This was the result:

You can browse the store for yourself by visting this link.

IKEA positions its web banner as a tool to help customers browse and select the products they are interested in, directing them to the main IKEA website to actually purchase their selections.

The beauty of it is that it can be placed on any website that allows advertisers to place an advert, meaning IKEA’s smallest store can popup on millions of websites around the world.