If you’ve never played a game of PAC-MAN, I’m surprised that you’re actually reading this blog. The game is one of the classics that I can’t help but play whenever I see it. Just the other day I was in a local restaurant that had a table-top version of Ms. PAC-MAN and dropped a few bucks into it.

Why hasn’t PAC-MAN been turned into a movie you ask? Good question, I think it would make a killer summer blockbuster flick, and apparently some fans agree.

Here’s a fan-made trailer for “PAC-MAN: The Movie” and it’s a mix between TRON, The Matrix, and the game PAC-MAN, of course. The trailer comes from a company called Steelehouse Productions. In a word, it’s awesome:

Come on someone, pop this onto Kickstarter and lets get the full-length film made!