This November 2011, Felicity Aston will attempt to become the first woman to cross the Antarctic alone. Aston, who hails from Birchington-on-Sea in South-Ea near Kent, England, will be skiing 1,700km across Antarctica in 70 days.

But will she really be alone? Kaspersky, an antivirus software company, is sponsoring Felicity Aston’s adventure, which will be packed with social media. Aston will be sending daily Twitter updates, doing live Q&A by audio, uploading podcasts and posting Facebook updates. You can also follow her action via an interactive map.

She’ll be packing light because everything she brings, she has to carry. Check out her first complete ‘daybag‘ – everything she’ll eat during the day when skiing (to the right). She’s bringing 70 of them!

Our friends at Simply Zesty produced this video that gets the full story across here:

Also check out this video, which communicates the psychological effect and the difference it will make for Felicity to contact people via social media:

Aston boarded a plane today to Antartica.

➤To keep up with her journey, follow Felicity on Twitter and Facebook.