Created by Twitter’s ‘Information design nerd’, Miguel Rios, this poster includes all the public #thankyousteve Tweets sent over about 4.5 hours on the evening of Oct 5, 2011. The Tweets are ordered by number of Retweets, from the top left – view high res here. Arnold Schwarnznegger’s tweet was the most retweeted.

Similarly, an Argentina based creative agency, Vulsai, has built a live tribute to Jobs called To The Crazy One based on a similar idea. It’s a little buggy but looks beautiful. (Thanks @kuatofkuat)

If you haven’t had the chance, don’t miss our round up of the most notable photos, videos, quotes and tweets about Steve Jobs from the last 24 hours.

Screen Shot 2011 10 07 at 02.25.35 520x471 Beautiful: Public #thankyousteve Tweets visualised into a giant Steve Jobs poster