This “commuter scooter” turns your briefcase into personal transport.

This “commuter scooter” turns your briefcase into personal transport.

A new product from Micro Scooters UK has released a personal transportation device for businessmen who usually walk to work or fly often: the Micro Samsonite Scooter.

New York, are you ready?

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It’s a hand luggage bag and scooter all in one. You can now ride your bag to work, or use your onboard luggage to get to the terminal faster.

This strange product will cost you 250 pounds, and according to Micro Scooters, can also be used as a trolley if you have extra bags — but good luck balancing them on the thin kickboard.

But as the Mail reports, after all the jokes are said and done there are practical aspects to this sort of product. It’s a greener way of making short trips to the office, not to mention a cheaper way, and it can mean the difference between getting on a flight and missing it completely when you’re late.

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