ph 180211 01 940x1253 220x293 Innovation gone wrong: Parisians working in plastic bubbles?Step One: Revamp a beautiful 19th century steel industrial hall.

Step Two: Add lush vegetation.

Step Three: Add plastic bubbles over your employees desks.

Wait, what?

Here at The Next Web, we are all about non-traditional office space, but the thought of working in plastic bubbles is baffling. As one of our editors pointed out, these plastic bubbles bring burping and farting to a whole new level of discomfort.

Particularly with the beautiful open office space, why would two companies, PONS and HUOT choose to have their headquarters be so confining?

ph 180211 09 940x705 520x390 Innovation gone wrong: Parisians working in plastic bubbles?

Blame trendy architect/designer Christian Pottgiesser for this specific case of innovation gone wrong.