To get you in a festive mood, here’s a list of 11 excellent Christmas-themed infographics we’ve found online.

View the full version of the infographics by click on the images below:

1. Christmas in the World

Source: Venere Travel Blog

2. Santa is Real

Source: Ads of the World

3. Christmas by the Numbers

Source: BillShrink Blog

4. 50 Years of the Most Popular X-Mas Toys

Source: Buysight Insights

5. Christmas Tree Smackdown

Source: Gizmodo

6. Holidays by the Numbers

Source: DigitalSurgeons

7. The Origin and Evolution of Santa Claus

Source: DegreeSearch Blog

8. 10 Interesting Facts About Christmas

Source: Today I Found Out

9. Santa’s Insurance Costs

Source: Confused

10. Christmas Traditions

Source: Today I Found Out

11. A Tree-Mendous Christmas

Source: All-In-One Garden Centre

In case any other great Christmas-related infographics haven’’t been covered, please feel free to use the comments area to share your thoughts and suggestions.