Michael Jones McKean, an American artist known for creating large-scale sculptural installations, has actually created a rainbow-making machine.

solar powered rainbow machine 4 6hRVF 69 Think Mother Nature makes rainbows? Think again.

solar powered rainbow machine 3 69a21 69 Think Mother Nature makes rainbows? Think again.

While his art tends to deal withv issues of narration, complexity, representation, materiality and failure, it seems the former resident at the Bemis Center and now a professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University has taken on a lighter hearted subject. His rainbow making machine creates artificial rainbows using natural materials. McKean has experimented with the machine in parking lots for years and is now preparing for a larger installation at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska.

I wonder if anyone has told Corporate at Skittles yet…

via @SolarFeeds