In the past 30 days I received 167,000 spam messages. Fortunately all of those messages got caught by Gmail before being handed off to MobileMe which catches another 30 or so messages a day. Apart from that about 10 messages end up in my inbox.

Today I got this spam message which I just loved. The idea of some company somewhere trying to sell a wedding via spam? I mean, how insane can you get? I get the Viagra offerings and I’m sure some people buy those. But a wedding? Can you imagine telling your friends “Yeah, I got a spam message for a really cheap wedding and decided to go for it”.

But then I started thinking: that would actually be pretty funny. And at only 200,000 rupees a pretty good deal! Not sure about the romantic part but who cares about that. It is cheap!

So, without further ado: Hey Tessa, wanna marry me for 200,000 rupees?

Just remember, it will ‘Save your Time and Money and completely remove your stress’ and ‘Celebrating Weddings haven’t been so Easy !!!!!’.