We’ve featured some amazing offers from TNW Deals lately that we’re sure you don’t want to miss. Here’s our pick of the week:

The Ultimate Design Course To Increase User Engagement: Ramp up conversions by understanding user psychology better

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Increasing conversion on your site can feel like a mystery sometimes — but that’s where it helps to understand how the human mind works and makes decisions. This course by behavioral psychologist Dr. Susan Weinschenk will teach you everything you need to know about user behavior and principles you can use in your design workflow to increase engagement and motivate your audience to take action.

Get this easy-to-follow course and and learn how to turn visitors into customers, for only $19.

Limefuel Lite USB Battery Pack: All the power you need on the move

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Never run out of charge on your mobile devices again, with the all-powerful Limefuel Lite USB Battery Pack. With 15000mAh of juice and two ports in a pocket-sized lightweight body, you can charge your phone and tablet simultaneously wherever you go.

Stash the Limefuel Lite in your purse, jacket, or backpack and you’ll always have power for your devices when you need it most. Get it now for only $34.99 with free shipping in the continental US.

The Bluetooth Shower Speaker: Turn it up while you scrub up

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Quiet showers are no fun. Take your favorite tunes with you into your shower with the Bluetooth Shower Speaker from TRNDlabs. With a rechargeable battery, a suction cup to easily attach to just about any surface, playback/call control buttons and a range of 10m, this speaker’s ready to party.

Get the Bluetooth Shower Speaker for only $39 and kick out the jams in your shower, or at your next pool party or beach blowout.

CrossOver 13: Windows apps on your Mac, fuss-free

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Run Windows apps and games on your Mac without a Windows license, without rebooting, and without a virtual machine. Once you’ve set up CrossOver 13, you’ll be able to install and run Windows apps alongside native apps on Mac OS, without skipping a beat.

Run the apps you need on your Mac with CrossOver 13, now at half off, for just $29.95!