LG is increasing its focus on first-time smartphone buyers after it announced two new 3G devices: the L Fino and L Bello.

The 4.5-inch L Fino runs on a 1.2 GHz quadcore processor, while the L Bello is five inches and is powered by a superior 1.3 GHz quadcore chip. Both include 1 GB of memory, and eight-megapixel rear-facing cameras. The L Bello has slightly more impressive specs, which includes a one-megapixel front-facing camera, versus the L Fino’s more basic VGA snapper.

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LG says the phones are ideal for teenagers or first-time smartphone owners who want the benefits of 3G and multimedia without a hefty price tag. There is no confirmed price for either phone at this point — LG merely says they will go on sale in selected markets in Latin America this month, with launches in Europe and Asia to follow.

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