Apple and Google are reportedly offering mobile game developers a bevy of incentives — including premium promotional positions in their respective app stores — in order to secure exclusive rights to hot titles.

That’s according to a Wall Street Journal report which — citing sources — says that Apple used incentives to land a two-month window of exclusivity for EA’s ‘Plants vs Zombies 2’ game last year, and to secure a three-month exclusive for Zepto Lab’s ‘Cut the Rope’. Both titles featured prominently in the App Store’s featured sections, making them more visible to users.

Neither Apple nor Google is said to offer money — instead they help companies market their games more efficiently — but the fact that Apple has upped its efforts shows the progress that Android has made as a platform, not to mention how lucrative mobile gaming is today.

➤ Apple, Google Vie to Offer Exclusive Game Apps [Wall Street Journal]

Thumbnail image via PhotoAtelier / Flickr