LG announced its first curved-screen smartphone (the G Flex) this morning in Korea, and surprise, surprise it just so happens that the first advert for the Galaxy Round, Samsung’s curvaceously-designed smartphone, hit the Internet hours later.

The ad — first spotted by Engadget — is light on product details. It instead uses a range of curved things (including a baby’s hand, an egg and a Matryoshka doll) to suggest that navigating a curved screen is an entirely natural process… and that, by assumption, the Galaxy Round isn’t just a weirdly-shaped Galaxy Note 3.

Rumor has it that the Galaxy Round will not get an international release, so it’s not surprising that the advert is in Korean. By contrast, it seems that LG’s phone might make it out of Korea, going on the fact that a leak last week emanated from Argentina — we understand Argentina is just one country where the company had seeded devices with local operators and retailers to drum up interest.

Thumbnail image via Samsung