The Ubuntu Edge campaign, an ambitious project to crowdfund $32 million to develop a ‘next-generation’ smartphone, ended well short of its target last week, but there’s something for fans to cheer about after a prototype version of the Ubuntu Touch operating system was made available for Sony’s Xperia Z tablet.

A post on the XDA Developers forum — spotted by Xperia Blog — explains that there are a few known bugs and users should back-up their files, but essentially the new release brings a working (albeit early) version of Ubuntu Touch to the tablet.

The Edge would’ve dual-booted Android and Windows, not to mention plugged into a PC. Those features are off the table for the Xperia Z, but the Ubuntu Touch port does allow the tablet to dual-boot Android and Cyanogenmod, software that’s popular for allowing greater customization on Android devices.

➤ XDA Developers

Headline image via TNW