Alongside the announcement of its new Lumia 925 device, Nokia has unveiled Smart Camera, a new app that handles multimedia on the new device.

The software takes a burst of 10 photos, that are smaller than the size from the regular camera, in other to help choose the best shot, particularly in action scenes.

Photos snapped via Smart Camera come in at  5-megapixels, that’s opposed to 8.7-megapixels in regular camera mode, and that helps conserve space and make the most of the device’s processor, Nokia said. The software includes ‘Best Shot’, ‘Action Shot’, and ‘Motion Focus’ settings to help get the right image for the right scene.

Smart Camera will launch first on the Lumia 925, but the software will come to all of the Lumia family this summer as part of Lumia ‘Amber’ — a firmware update — that will install the photo app and other new updates.

Nokia explains that the company has invested in both the software and technology that powers the technology, and it looks like Smart Camera is going to be a big push going forward. Does that mean no Instagram for Windows Phone, or is Nokia hedging its bets either way? We shall see.