Digital payments company Square today announced that it can now offer brick-and-mortar stores a complete package of hardware to run their business with its point-of-sale solution Square Register.

The package has a starting price of $299 and includes two Square Readers, an iPad stand (Heckler Design WindFall), a cash drawer (APG Vasario 1616), and an optional receipt printer (Star Micronics TSP143L).

With the printer, the package costs $599.

All work wirelessly with Square Register, the company says.

Not included in the package is an iPad – Square’s VP of Register Jesse Dorogusker argues in a short interview with the Wall Street Journal that people already “know how to get their hands on an iPad”. Indeed, they do.


In case you’re not familiar with Square Register: the solution essentially lets brick-and-mortar businesses accept digital payments, track sales and share item and location information with customers and staff.

Stores can return the hardware for free within 30 days after receipt of the package if they’re not satisfied.

Image credit: Square