Twilio has made a strategic partnership with Japan’s KDDI Web Communications in order to continue expanding its communications API throughout the world. With this alliance, KDDI will be able to distribute Twilio’s platform to its developers, which will help innovate the telecommunications industry in the country.

KDDI Web Communications is part of Japan’s second largest telecommunications company and reaches over 36 million subscribers tied to thousands of enterprise and smaller businesses. For Twilio, having an anchor in the country helps its broad vision of making telecommunications available for the masses.

At this year’s TwilioCon, co-founder and CEO Jeff Lawson announced that the company had expanded to more countries and was rolling out its Global Low Latency (GLL) program — which optimizes service so that the quality of the call is increased. This partnership will allow Twilio to set up a geographically distributed datacenter to help developers.

This is the second biggest agreement that Twilio has received over the past two months. In September, the company signed a deal with AT&T to open up SMS and voice to developers.

KDDI Web Communications is in an exclusive partnership with Twilio and through this engagement, will give the Lawson’s company a “seal of approval” from one of the country’s largest communication companies. The carrier will start featuring the connectivity between the two companies starting in Spring 2013.

Photo credit: YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images