Before Sony bought out Ericsson’s stake in the company, Sony Ericsson had flaunted with the idea to introduce smartphones running Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

Whilst the devices never made the mass market, an enterprising EBay user has put up a listing for one of its “Jolie” Windows Phone prototype handsets on the popular online commerce site, giving you the chance to own a device that not only never saw the light of day, but will likely never be re-imagined in the labs at Sony.

The starting bid is fixed at $250, with a Buy It Now price of $500. The handset itself is listed as being 3G data capable — suggesting you could place your SIM card in it and use it — and features a 8.1-megapixel camera.

Earlier reports note that it has a 1GHz processor and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Don’t expect the device to rock any fancy features though. The Jolie prototype runs a beta version of the Windows Phone software and it’s highly unlikely that it would ever support a future software upgrade.

Think of the device as a piece of nostalgia, not as a fully-operational mobile handset.