ps phone leak 2011 01 0619 31 40 rm eng1 260x195 PlayStation Phone video emerges showcasing emulated PlayStation titlesWhilst it might not demonstrate the true gaming ability of Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation Phone, a new video has emerged showing the handset being put through its paces running emulated Playstation titles via a third-party app.

Engadget posted up the video which only really serves to provide a demonstration of the gaming controls in action. It looks like the PlayStation Pocket app is still clearly in development as both Biohazard 2 and Rage Racer had to be loaded via a emulation app known as ROM Buddy.

With no official word from Sony Ericsson, it’s understandable that the leaked videos we have been seeing aren’t demonstrating official gaming titles using the PlayStation Pocket application. With the controls in use, it does allow us to gain an understanding of how the device operates and will ultimately perform when it does launch.

With so many leaks Sony Ericsson will need to act quick before the device is outed fully – we expect a MWC launch but the event is still some weeks away, will Sony Ericsson risk leaving it that late?