Like everyone else, Microsoft is pushing hard to get its products into the hands of consumers this weekend, announcing on its Windows Facebook Page that, for this weekend only, fans can pick up an HTC Surround or a LG Quantum Windows Phone 7 for $0. However, the phones are only on offer to users willing to renew a two year contract with provider AT&T.

The feedback so far on the Facebook Page is mixed, with responses to the actual devices being generally positive, but with users less happy about being forced into an extended AT&T contract. As one commenter put it:

I was about to “like” this……. then I saw AT&T. Sorry Microsoft.

For those of you that can’t make it to a Microsoft Store, Microsoft will be posting online details of the offer early Friday morning, US time. We’ll update you with that link when it becomes available.

Windows Phone 7, released in October, has seen a resurgence in Microsoft’s mobile fortunes as their previous offerings were seen as dated in comparison to the competition from Apple’s iPhone and Android based smartphones.