The guys over at PocketLint were in for a surprise when they visited a press event in New York City, happening upon a new white iPhone 4 being used by a mysterious jacketed gentleman.

The jacketed gentleman wasn’t all that mysterious, it was the sighting of the long awaited white iPhone 4 that had the guys wrestling to take a sneaky snapshot of the device, to prove that white iPhone 4 units were out in the wild.

PocketLint made some enquiries about the device and it appears that Apple has a large collection of white iPhone 4’s at its HQ in Cupertino and that a friend working at Apple had managed to secure a white unit for him to use.

The gentleman also stated that the reason for the launch delays was down to color discrepancies between suppliers, who were unable to match the white colour of the home button to the finish on the device itself.

Apple being the perfectionists they are will not release the devices until the colour is as perfect as it can possibly be. Whilst this remains unconfirmed, they are the exact issues that have been discussed on tech sites over past months, we see no reason to disbelieve the rumour.