2010 22 29 55 260x194 Skype Now Available On AndroidAfter making its way to the iPhone, getting its toes wet on Android in a deal with Verizon, Skype has finally made its way to the Android Market and is available to download today.

The new Skype app allows free Skype-to-Skype calls, supports instant messaging on both a one-to-one basis or with a group of people. All of this is supported on both 3G and WiFi, allowing users to make cheap phone calls in the process.

Skype’s subscription plans provide an unlimited amount of calls, almost replacing the cellular function of the smartphones it runs on. Currently, the app is supported on Android 2.1 devices and above, it is not available in China or Japan and in the US, users can only make calls over WiFi, we assume this could be something to do with its Verizon partnership.

To download the app, head on over to skype.com/m or search the Android Market.

Early reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S is having trouble running this app. Are you an owner of this device? Can you confirm or deny this rumour?