HTC Desire HD 260x201 HTC Desire HD ROM Gets ExtractedWe got our first look at the HTC Desire HD on Wednesday 15th September, a huge 4.3-inch Android-powered smartphone that looks set to be snapped up by European Android lovers in October.

Just four days after the device was launched, somebody has managed to get their hands on the new handset and extract a ROM from the device.

As PocketNow reports, the ROM is just a raw image dump. In its current state, the ROM cannot be ported to run on another Android device but it will allow developers to get a closer look of the software and possibly extract some of the apps and features (like HTC Sense) that are unique to that ROM.

If you want to follow developer progress on the ROM, or to download a copy yourself, head on over to XDA-Developers for more information.

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