nexus one 260x212 Google To Continue Selling Nexus One Direct...But Only To Developers Google has given its flagship Nexus One handset a new lease of life after making it available to purchase via one of its portals; an Android Developers account.

Google has traditionally offered unlocked phones to its registered Android Developers, today the Nexus One becomes on of those handsets. Priced at $529, developers can order the Nexus One by logging into their developer account and clicking on the “Development Phones” link.

The ability to order the official Google phone will allow developers to build and test their Android applications using either the SDK or the NDK or experiment with modified releases of the Android firmware.

Whilst the devices ship with Android 2.1, the update will be pushed as soon as the handset is switched on. As it will be unlocked, developers will need an existing SIM to take full advantage of the device.

Its great to see the Nexus One is back, even if it is just for developers. If you are a not a developer and wish to get your hands on one, visit this page to find out where the Nexus One is available near you.