According to the WSJ, News Corp. executive chairman James Murdoch has “relinquished his position” as executive chairman head of News International. He will however remain Deputy Chief Operating Officer of News Corp.

James Murdoch will assume a variety of essential corporate leadership mandates, with particular focus on important pay-TV businesses and broader international operations,” according to his father News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch.

News International is the United Kingdom newspaper publishing division of News Corporation and publishes The Times, The Sun and The Sunday Times.

The Telegraph has an interesting profile piece on Murdoch’s rise from “black sheep” of the Murdoch family to his father’s heir apparent.

The news is the latest in a long line of sackings, arrests and resignations after the newspaper publisher tainted its reputation after phone hacking allegations.

To the public this is likely to look like another Murdoch stunt to at least present the image of “action being taken”.