Microsoft announced today that it was updating its Bing apps with new features for users of the developer preview of Windows Phone 8.1. Everyone else will have to wait.

The biggest update is single sign-on. You’ll no longer have to sign in to each Bing app individually. You sign in once and your account is added to each Bing app you choose installed on your phone.

0711_msFor the foodies out there, the updated Food & Drink app is receiving cooking tutorial videos from the Rouxbe Cooking School, how-tos from famous chefs like Wolfgang Puck, Jacques Pepin and Vikas Khanna, and a personalized Source Hub where you can place all your favorite food related content in one spot.

The Bing Travel app now has flight tracking so you know if your flight is running late and the New York Times is being added to Bing News.

All of this sounds great if you have Windows 8.1 — which is in developer preview right now — on your phone. If you don’t, this is what Microsoft says, “it will be available to existing users running compatible hardware and on the next wave of Windows Phone devices in the coming months.” 

Bing Apps Refresh

Image credit: AFP/Getty images