The US remains the largest market for Windows Phone devices worldwide, according to a new report from AdDuplex, the Windows Phone-focused ad network that regularly dissects Microsoft’s mobile ecosystem.

The chart doesn’t break things down by device type or versions of the platform, but it is interesting to note that India (7.5 percent) is second to the US (11 percent), and ahead of Brazil (6.9 percent). AdDuplex’s stats position China as the sixth largest market with a 3.7 percent market share, while Italy and other European countries rank well — mirroring the findings of other reports.


The AdDuplex report is subject to discrepancies, of course. The company bases its findings on the reach of 11 of the most “global apps” on its network, which served around 200,000 users per day.

Quick Look at Windows Phone Country Stats

Image via Justin Sullivan / AFP / Getty Images