It seems like tech companies all want a slice of the wearables market, and Microsoft is no exception. Microsoft expert Paul Thurrott reports on Supersite for Windows that the company will release in fall a fitness band similar to Samsung’s Gear Fit. It is said to be able to display smartphone-based notifications, though the main role of the wearable is for health and fitness tracking.

Interestingly enough, Thurrott says that Microsoft is seeking to stand out with this fitness band by making it work with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This cross-platform support is something that its competitors haven’t approached yet.

Otherwise, Microsoft’s fitness band will work in pretty much the same way as others on the market now — it is said to track steps, calories burned, heart rate and other metrics, and will work in conjunction with apps on smartphones.

We have reached out to Microsoft and will update with any response provided.

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Thumbnail image via Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images