At its Build Conference earlier this month, Microsoft announced universal Windows apps, which work across PCs, phones, tablets, and eventually the Xbox One. It also revealed plans to let developers sell apps across multiple platforms, extending to in-app purchases too — if you buy something on your phone, you’ll get the same access on your PC.

This week Microsoft has started rolling out pricing changes to support universal Windows apps — which means you may be seeing changes in your app prices.

Microsoft says it is providing a single set of price tiers across Windows and Windows Phone to simplify app pricing for developers. It is also adding $0.99 and $1.29 price points for Windows apps, as Windows Phone apps priced in this range account for 55 percent of paid transactions, it says.

The company is also periodically making adjustments to prices for local factors including foreign exchange rates and taxes. 

Now live: Consolidated price tiers to support universal Windows apps, may impact your app pricing [Windows Blog]

Thumbnail image via Fred Dufour/AFP/Getty Images