Ahead of the official RoboCop remake that should be landing in a cinema near you soon, Sony Pictures enlisted the help of Microsoft to help it come up with a concept for what the future of search could look like.

With the film set in 2028, team Bing went about reimagining what search might look like in the foreseeable future, one that was “true to the story and innovations on the horizon, but still very much grounded in today’s reality”. We’re not talking about crazy 3D holographic search engines, but things that are vaguely recognizable in today’s technology – such as voice-recognition a-la Bing on Xbox and Windows Phone, but augmented by other elements such as 3D displays with key information in the foreground.

You can read more about the collaboration on the link below, or check out the crowdsourced RoboCop remake that is utterly bonkers instead.

“Thank You for Your Cooperation”: Robocop and the Future of Search