Microsoft has talked up the voice recognition features on the Xbox One for a while now, but today the company has offered an even closer look at how Bing and Kinect power the games and entertainment system with sophisticated voice navigation and natural language voice search. You can find, play, watch, and listen to whatever you want by just asking the Xbox One to do your bidding.

The same search technology that powers Bing web search works on the Xbox One to find your entertainment results and show them on your TV. It doesn’t matter whether your game, show, song, or movie is in an app, on your console’s HDD, the company says Bing will find it.

Most commands we’ve already seen before: you can turn on the console by simply saying “Xbox, on” or launch a game by saying “Xbox, go to Forza Motorsport 5.” Some apps are more accessible than others, notably Skype: you can initiate a call by just saying “Xbox, Skype, John.”

None of this should be surprising, if you’ve been following Microsoft’s regular push of Bing across its product line:

Over the past few years, we’ve built the power of Bing into products across Microsoft. Whether you’re using Windows Phone, Office, Windows 8, or soon Xbox One, we’ve made it easier to find the stuff you are looking for and do something with it.

Microsoft says over 300,000 servers power the backend of the Xbox One. As a result, the system is learning and adapting every day to improve the experience for users.

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Top Image Credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images